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The www is Our Niche!


The speed at which technology is advancing can no longer be kept up with by the average consumer. It is therefore necessary to introduce tools and services that are designed to assist people in achieving their goals with user-friendly options for implementing & making use of the available technology.


Blockchain technology is now well tested and proven to be a reliable. Many consumers are still either unaware of its existence and many more are not utilizing blockchain technology. This needs to be bridged in a user-friendly, proficient and orderly manner.

Our Solution

Building bridges between different niches and peoples is a process. So we are approaching the concept of introducing the everyday utilization of blockchain technology to people on the internet in a manner that can only be described as a methodological ‘step by step process’.

Completion of plans in 2018: 50%
Completion of plans in 2020: 70%
Completion of plans in 2019: 95%


Fast + Easy Posting & Sharing
For the person on the go!
Browser Extension
& Android App.


Fast & Fee-Less Tipping.
Decentralized Patron Feature!
Browser Extension.


A straight forwards directory for all things Hive.
Adding value by adding links and information about Hive.

Coming Soon

More to come.

Just wait & see,
We are full of surprises!

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