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An idea in the making


The www is Our Niche!


The speed at which technology is advancing can no longer be kept up with by the average consumer. It is therefore necessary to introduce tools and services which shall assist people in achieving their goals with user-friendly options & implementing the available technology.


Blockchain technology is now well tested and proven to be a reliable. Many consumers are still either unaware of its existence and many more are not utilizing blockchain technology. This needs to be bridged in a user-friendly, proficient and orderly manner.

Our Solution

Building bridges between different niches and peoples is a process. So we are approaching the concept of introducing the everyday utilization of blockchain technology to people on the internet in a manner that can only be described as a methodological ‘step by step process’.

The Roadmap



After noticing the 'gaps' between the existing 'niches' it became clear that bridges needed to be built. So the 'first draft of ideas' was defined and from there started the process of researching the existing markets and offers available.



The first of our products and services released was the AltYes Browser Extension, on: 22 Feb 2020. The second app was "Hive Tips" (only for tipping on Twitter for the time being)released in Beta: 25 May 2020. AltYes for Android, released 31 May 2020. & there is more in the works!

Completion of plans in 2020: 40%

Results Confirmed

There was definitely a need for a diverse range of tools and software options. The conclusion was that no single user interface can suffice all the needs of the various peoples on the internet.

Completion of plans in 2018: 50%



Through the course of 2018 all the way through to April 2019, various discussions were held about topics and potential solutions with numerous people. Some were willing and able to be part of a formal business team with the set goals in mind, while some were leaning towards doing their own thing which doesn't fit into this concept. So a good team of people, with diverse experiences and skills are now working together for a better tomorrow.

Testing Various Solutions

After listening to various ideas and 'wish lists', numerous potential software solutions were procured and testing began.

Completion of plans in 2019: 95%

Four Year Plan

2019 - 2 Projects (Alpha)
2020 - 2 Beta & 3 Alpha
0 %
2021 - Official Release
2022 - Expansion




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Chief Visual
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To learn more about the AltYes Browser Extension & Phone App:  CLICK HERE

Learn more about Hive Tips:  CLICK HERE