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A simple way to share content on  the Hive blockchain.

September 2019

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AltYes is providing a very user-friendly interface to completely socialize the internet on an unprecedented level. In the same manner, AltYes is tokenizing the entire world wide web as well. By harnessing the power of the Hive blockchain and nurturing people’s desire to be a unified social network, people will be able to share anything they find noteworthy to and from any major site – including the Hive blockchain itself – all with a simple browser extension and mobile application (coming soon).

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Problem Identification

  • Sharing existing posts on the chain
  • Share and Share Alike
  • Free Advertising

Solution Explanation


Road Map

Key Performance Indicators (KPI) 

Contributors (“The FULLALT Team”)




Since the dawn of the age of information, we have progressively become more and more involved with and dependent on the internet. Some companies would not be able to function without being online. Some schooling is done all via your connected internet device. If you were to go into a store and the internet went down and you didn’t have any cash? You and the shop would be at a loss as the POS (Point of Sale) machines you swipe your card on, wouldn’t work.

Everything seems to be connected to the internet in some way these days. You don’t even have to physically go to the bank anymore. You can pay almost all of your bills online. You can order food, groceries, watch a movie, plan a vacation, play games – you can even reconnect with lost acquaintances and find family members!

That’s what we are here to speak about today. The power of social media. You’d be hard pressed to find someone that doesn’t have a Facebook profile or who hasn’t heard of Twitter or Pinterest. People just love to share their experiences! One of our favorites to be on is housed and powered by the Hive blockchain.

On sites like hive.blog or peakd.com, people can voice their opinions, write articles, post their poetry or photography, and literally anything you can think of. Where it differs from most social spheres, is that people get rewarded for their work from other people’s recognition through a voting system. It pays you. Anything posted to the Hive blockchain has the potential to make you money by earning the HIVE cryptocurrency. We here with AltYes, are changing the game by tokenizing EVERYTHING.



AltYes and its affiliates take no position regarding the validity or scope of any intellectual property or other rights that might be claimed to pertain to the implementation or use of the technology described in this document or the extent to which any license under such rights might or might not be available; neither does it represent that it has made any effort to identify any such rights. Copies of claims of rights made available for publication and any assurances of licenses to be made available, or the result of an attempt made to obtain a general license or permission for the use of such proprietary rights by implementers or users of this specification can be obtained from the AltYes technical engineer(s).


Problem Identification

Let it be known, we here at AltYes LOVE the Hive blockchain and are thrilled to be a part of it. We also visit other sites, spaces and places across the web and in doing so, have identified several problems we feel we have the answers for. Let’s start with the Hive experience itself.

–        Sharing Existing Posts on The Chain

As the Hive blockchain has grown and gone through changes, some new things have developed and appeared that make it a more user-friendly interface – in some people’s eyes. They have an option to ‘share’ a post where it will appear in your feed reel for others to see.

That’s beautiful, but it presents a few problems. The first being, there is also an option to ‘hide shared posts’ on several of the front ends used to display posts so more often than not, those posts will be ignored.

–        Share and Share Alike

On the Hive blockchain itself, we see articles everyday that are nothing more than a brief synopsis of another article they read elsewhere. Sometimes people put up a music video that they just watched and liked and wanted to share. We’ve even seen what some could probably classify as the next problem we’ve identified.

–        Free Advertising

There is nothing a company loves more than free advertising and we do it almost with a blind infatuation. Someone may share a post about a news story and what they just saw on CNN. Somebody might talk about a meal they had at OLIVE GARDEN. Somebody might be inclined to write about an entire wish list of items they have starred over on AMAZON. You see what we’re getting at yet?


Solution Explanation

We are going to tackle all those problems and probably a few more along the way, with one simple extension for your browser. This will allow people to share someone else’s Hive post, to their own personal blog, and still give the other person credit for it! A beneficiary option with adjustable rewards will also be in play to give thanks for their hard work. To keep this from becoming a spam infested cesspool, we have mandated that people do accompany another person’s post with an explanation in our convenient ‘Yes Box’.

We also aim to build on the natural tendency to share while mitigating the exploitative behavior that is often attributed to this act on the Hive blockchain. Our goal is to provide utility to both the AltYes users and the Hive investors and ecosystem.

What’s that? Your friend posted on Facebook that they’re having a baby? Awesome!

Let’s share it to Hive via AltYes.

You can then use the rewards to maybe get them a gift for their baby shower!

Did you see that tweet Ashton Kutcher just made? I’m sharing it to Hive with AltYes. He’s hilarious.

Like, O-M-G, Lily-Rose Depp is making a new movie, I just gotta give it a Yes and put it on Hive. Not just any yes, an AltYes.

On AltYes, you’re welcome to share anything you wish, as long as you also incorporate your own original thoughts in the accompanied field.

And finally, but surely not limited to, we come to the free advertising. We’re going to ‘pay ourselves’ and each other harnessing AltYes. Your friend needs more likes and is trying to sell some candles on their Facebook page? Let me just give it a Yes – by sharing it from AltYes. You love Papa John’s pizza that much you want to share one of their deals? Go ahead and give it a Yes! Eventually, you’ll make enough for your next order! Papa John’s was the first business to accept Bitcoin.



Hopefully, by now, you can see how we are tokenizing the entire internet in one fell swoop. The AltYes extension (and later dApp) will give any user, even ones not on the Hive blockchain, the ability to share things to other social networks. As it catches on and grows, we fully believe that  AltYes will also bring a new awareness to the Hive blockchain and help prepare the masses for its adoption.


Tokenizing the internet:




Every time you share something using AltYes, it will say “Shared via AltYes” down in the bottom corner effectively advertising ourselves. Curiosity is a beautiful thing and that short, linked credential will spawn a whole new breed of Hive users. If they do not already have a profile on the blockchain, there will be directions on how this can be accomplished, once they are ready, by clicking the appropriate link(s).





Road Map


January 2018        Research        

After noticing the ‘gaps’ between the existing ‘niches’ it became clear that bridges needed to be built. So the ‘first draft of ideas’ was defined and from there started the process of researching the existing markets and offers available.


April 2018         Testing Various Solutions        

After listening to various ideas and ‘wish lists’, numerous potential software solutions were procured and testing began.


February 2019    Results Confirmed        

There was definitely a need for a diverse range of tools and software options. The conclusion was that no single user interface can suffice all the needs of the various peoples on the internet.


April 2019        Team        

Through the course of 2018 all the way through to April 2019, various discussions were held about topics and potential solutions with numerous people. Some were willing and able to be part of a formal business team with the set goals in mind, while some were leaning towards doing their own thing which doesn’t fit into this concept. So a good team of people, with diverse experiences and skills are now working together for a better tomorrow.


December 2019    Implementation    

The first of our products and services are to be introduced to the market. The “Alpha” phase shall be the most crucial time-frame, so as to ensure we get as much feedback as possible. The AltYes project is the first step towards many more new things to come.               


Four Year Projection:   

Step by step, towards implementing projects that shall progressively expand into an entire array of options for people who are looking for alternatives to what they have available today.



Key Performance Indicators (KPI)


  • Marketing Qualified Leads (MQL)
  • Sales Qualified Leads (SQL)
  • Potential Funnel Conversion Rates
  • Brand awareness
  • Customer engagement
  • Marketing spend/investment per customer
  • Return on marketing investment
  • Lifetime value of a customer (LTV)
  • Customer acquisition cost (CAC)
  • Customer retention


Note:  All of these metrics will be monitored so as to keep track of them and analyze them for future marketing and overall direction in the course of the project and business requirements giving us a high anticipation for results.


Contributors (“The STEEM Team”)

–       @enginewitty – United States witness on the Hive blockchain with creative and literary skills harnessed for AltYes. “The magic-making guru.”

–       @guiltyparties – Canadian witness on the Hive blockchain with the technical capacity to help in the engineering of AltYes. “The man making Hive better, behind the scenes.”

–    @inthenow – US citizen, puts the create into creative! Knows his way around graphic design and several other artistic venues. “We got this.”

–       @mahdiyari – From Iran and witness on the Hive blockchain, is the primary coder and developer behind AltYes. “The contractor of choice, expedient & reliable.”

–    @jackmiller – Australian witness on the Hive blockchain that has the vision and mindset to put all of this together for AltYes. “Always thinking out of the box.”

All of the above listed Steemians have contributed to date to help make this idea come to life.



I know, is that even a word? It is now. We are creating something new and will continue to as we move forward in our journey. The grand vision is to bring more users to our social network and blockchain of choice – the Steem blockchain. One way we will do this, is by tokenizing everything that’s out there.

As with any endeavour, there will be modifications and additions needed, we have already planned for some of them and are not limiting our options to just these. Feedback from people shall be definitely noted through the years and implemented when feasible. We are also currently looking at in our plans are cross posting with eventual inter-blockchain communications. These will be made available as requested by the communities and networks using AltYes.

The same principles will apply to other options that we have foreseen regarding our business plans. We want all of our future modifications and additions to continually enhance and contribute to the utility of user-friendliness and overall quality of the AltYes user experience. We feel you will enjoy what we are bringing you now, and what is yet to come. Just say YES! – AltYes.