The idea of ‘Thinking out of the box” is more relevant now than ever before in the history of mankind.

There are many great people out there who have been trying to overcome the centralization of power and wealth. This has been more than evident in the crypto and blockchain scenes.

Information (data) is = wealth.

This has been seen in the current day world within the reliance we now have on technology to get around our daily lives and most so to be informed in a timely manner.

However we come up against a wall every time as the centralization of information has always come about as a result of dependence on wealth.

So to overcome this we need to look at things from different angles, including but not limited to:

Decentralization of the tools that bridge efforts for decentralization.

Instead of relying upon the centralized models of management, the ideas are to decentralize data and wealth.

Instead of approaching things in the ‘traditional’ manner, we should approach the idea of decentralization in very non-traditional ways.

Building tools that shall ensure the highest possible levels of decentralization of data and wealth.

This concept shall meet a lot of resistance from the kleptocrats who have done nothing but “pump and dump” in all areas of business out there.

By making it possible for people to have access to the wealth that is already out there we are in fact building an entire new mentality towards everything that we know.

We can help make possible what was not possible to date.


Providing alternatives to people.

Approaching all projects on a level of nurturing the need for each human beings individuality.

Looking at the real life obstacles each person faces and the building of character which leads to the potential of building the foundation of society, in which two people communicate and find common ground. As this process repeats so to does the next level of society grow and so on and so on.

In our efforts to achieve things, we the people have no objection to anyone succeeding if we believe that the race is fair. Which is logical in every respect.

However how can we ensure a fair and reasonable race?

If not giving it our best to help ensure improvements are made in the fields of fair and equal opportunity for all participants. Then what direction should one take!

‘Utopia’ or Realism:

Although there is no real world ‘utopia’ out there, the idea that we can approach our goals morally in this crazy world of light speed advancements in technology, this is what gives us our light at the end of the tunnel.

Improvements are evident in all continents. In particular with the diversity of mass communications available to us and the inability of the traditional media to adapt and keep up with these changes, there are more reasons for additional alternatives now than ever before. We are definitely facing a time in which we need to increasingly add tools for each and every individual so as to assist them in their efforts to keep up. Our goals are to ensure that everyone be given alternatives that can help in their goals to set themselves free of the tyranny imposed by those who enforce the sole empowerment of the collectives.

Instead of polarization, the idea of introducing tools needed to assist in the accessibility to alternative options, user friendliness and overall utilization of the diverse arrange of offers available to everyone, that is the power and value behind this approach in the never ending array of opportunities out there.

Taking logical approaches in a world in which logic is too often considered ‘optional’, depending on what the topic is! This could be considered somewhat too alternative in nature, as this approach helps to build the idea of a sovereign individual. Definitely something that many fear, especially those that have much to lose along with those that serve them, knowingly or not. Yet it is a wonderful thought that every human being as an individual has the options made available in their pursuit of success and/or happiness.

Why haven’t we chosen the path of “Selling a melon?”

Why should we?

Is it only “Money” that is the goal?

Isn’t that something that we have all come to agree upon as being morally wrong. One would at least hope so. So instead of giving a song and dance leading to the classic pump and dumps that most of us have seen so many others out there do to date. Our approach is the exact opposite; it is a long term approach. Looking towards a future together with all the individuals we work with.

We believe that we can succeed in these goals, we know that it is better to do business as transparently as possible in this crazy ‘market’ we face.

We are not running from the responsibilities that this approach brings with it. In fact we embrace it. We endorse it and we believe in it. We know that we can set the example and that intent in itself is a huge success. It already sets us apart from many of those who have just come to accept the wrongs out there in the collectives as a “norm”.

Facing the reality, knowing the wrongs that are out there is just as important as knowing what our goals are.

Telling it as it is, may be somewhat unorthodox, at the least mildly different!

Let’s move forwards, let’s use the ability each and every one of us has to learn, to improve, to do better and constantly try to commit ourselves to the ideal of giving it our best to achieve good for one and all. A chain is only as strong as its weakest link!

In short:

The goal of this endeavour is: Unification instead of division among people.”

The more alternatives that each individual has, helps to make the game more fair in that individuals have the ability to choose from more diverse arrays of options and increase their possibilities to expand and grow in their niche / business.  No matter what restrictions may be imposed by the collectives, it is up to all of us to start thinking out of the box and be all inclusive. FullALT as a company made up of people who have experienced many different walks of life has set its objectives towards providing what we as ‘ordinary consumers’ feel will help everyone during our time on the internet.

Helping to gradually socialize the internet and not any one particular website, plus tokenizing it in the most diverse of manners can only help increase the number of people out there who expand the alternatives and offers that they have available in their lives.