Commercial Uses

FULL ALT may be concentrating on online business, yet there is an abundance of opportunity to expand into the real world markets. Physical goods and services are definitely fields that shall be looked into and possibly going above and beyond those that are exclusive to the internet.

Expansion of this business endeavour is inevitable, it is just a matter of time.

All of the business that FULL ALT does shall be aimed at producing alternatives to people. Alternatives that encompass what the market has to offer in terms of social economics.

FULL ALT shall at all times be open to ideas of inter-blockchain communications and cross-blockchain communications. By doing so, all of the endeavours that FULL ALT embarks upon shall be more than “just about the coins”. We are looking at the potential that is out there for the people involved.

Our business is revolving around bringing people to blockchain and not the other way around.

The world is so diverse and each person is so unique in their individuality that it is almost impossible to create an environment that can satisfy every persons wishes. However if we just take the potential ‘needs’ of people out there using the internet, then we can concentrate on them and stay focused on the goals at hand.