Let’s throw out the concepts known to date.


Well, all the things we know have successfully gotten an overabundance of clones and a lack of effective changes that lead to where people want to be.

Distribution of wealth is always an issue with all endeavours. Power and control of the wealth is what it always seems to lead to.

Any concept that differs from this well rehearsed scenario is denounced by those wanting the bulk of wealth and power. For obvious reasons.

Wealth sharing models based upon results often proved to be productive. i.e. “commission based rewards” yet they are dependent upon the values and needs of the individuals.

If we take the management to a level by which responsibilities and results are rewarded, then this opens the doors to diversity and independence within each department/management role.

By introducing this model of profit sharing, the results of all the departments lead to the success of the endeavour but with a catch:

Accomplishments within the departments are managed with a profit sharing basis for wealth distribution and not a “commission” model of distribution.

With this the motivation in each department and each individual within the department is given a warp speed boost.

The responsibilities of all individuals in the endeavour are equal in weight of importance and as a result each individual is motivated to assist each other instead of “overthrow” each other as the profit sharing runs across the entire spectre and not valued by “roles”.

& before anyone goes comparing it to any of the existing “profit sharing” models out there, please don’t compare as at the end of the day all of them have been successful and not so successful as they are based on “fiat” economics. While here we are based on decentralized models of economics and rewards that are transparent and ledgered on blockchains.

Transparency is the key to the success of profit sharing among all the relevant management/departments. If all involved see the truth, have direct access to the figures then there is nothing to hide, there is no reason or motivation for coups.

Fund allocation and usage.

Funds are to be used exclusively for the further expansion of tools and services that shall ensure added usage and value to the endeavour and the relevant branches/apps.

The profits are what fall under the above described ‘Profit sharing’ and not the initial funds raised.

Hence there is a 100% motivation to achieve the set tasks and goals.

Note: This is where the difference is.

FULL ALT as such is an umbrella style of organization that coordinates all the aspects of getting business ventures within its domain of priorities up and running.

It serves not only as a starting point for start-ups, but also as a formal entity that covers the needed red tape of the real world.

As a registered company FULL ALT can comply to all the business and legal needs in all negotiations and contractual agreements it enters.

Likewise it is an equal in all business transactions, because there is no need to avoid the jurisdictional requirements that exist out in the real world of business.

While each and every business endeavour shall as such be a branch of FULL ALTs daily business, each and every business venture shall be set up and running as a separate registered business, while during the time that it is being worked, the administration of it shall fall under the umbrella of FULL ALT.

During the transition period from “Start up” to actual registered company, the governance of the business shall be transferred to the investors as per the profit sharing models upon which FULL ALT is founded on.

Where and when applicable, tokenization of the business endeavour may take place and this shall be done so as to ensure the decentralization of each branch. As the applications and tools come to life, so too shall at each phase of implementation shall the decentralization and profit sharing be one step closer to the phase where it is “handed over to the people”.

So unlike any of the fund raising events seen to date, FULL ALT shall have a constant flow of funds and profits from its business expansion and decentralization.