Company Ecosystem

An endeavour such as this with a profit sharing ecosystem all contributors are important.

The company FULL ALT as such serves as a contributor and as a coordination cell. With much more input than just ‘consulting’ the new business ventures that it embarks upon.

Instead of the traditional concept of “shares” and all the red tape, the goals here are to set up business ventures as Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAO) who are going about the process of making a Decentralized Autonomous Companies (DAC). Again, this term may have been seen in the past yet nowhere near anything that we are suggesting to do.

One of the similar models of thinking can be found in some of the Nordic States where shares are handed out to the workers, yet that, although similar in nature doesn’t quite cut it.

Imagine if ALL the allocated profits were spread out down the line.

Hard to comprehend as it is very rarely heard of, however as described above, profit sharing is the path we are taking and it shall surely not only bear the desired results, it shall show how a business can be managed fairly.


Alternative thinking.

Is there a matrix? & How does this all work if there is a matrix?

As far as the means of programming people and having us all do things as per a “script”, a predefined code, we have all seen it within all cultures out there. With the internet becoming a communication tool that is available to everyone who has access to a computer or smartphone we are seeing the birth of a new era in thinking.

The established ideologies are all being questioned and put into a position which they don’t like. They are being put into question!

Hence, the evolution of this new era in ‘thinking’, of consciousness, which is definitely a sign of the times. Change is happening at a speed that has never been imagined, let alone considered. Technology is giving each and every individual the ability to express themselves on an international level. This alone has opened up the doors to opportunities that are new to the markets out there.

In all this chaos, the individual is once again put in the middle of it all. The mobs are so trying to control everything, yet the internet has given each and every human being the opportunity to express their individuality and consciousness.

So, the answer is to cater to the individuals and our needs as such.

Can this be done ‘fairly’, or at least ‘reasonably’?

Well, the answer to that question is definitely not as simple as it may seem at first glance. We are touching on various ecosystems, various ideological and cultural systems. This makes it almost impossible to satisfy the various ‘groups’ and ‘mobs’. However, if we cater to the needs of the individual instead trying to cater to the ‘wishes’ we are taking on a role where responsibility is the central focal point of our inner workings.

This type of approach to running a business is definitely not one that allows for chaos. Responsibilities mean that each member of the team has to face reality and not twist facts around to suit or meet their ‘wishes’. Which means that ‘what we want reality to be at this moment in time, is not reality”. This type of wishful thinking is defined as delusional, so there is no strategic place for it. At the end of the day, reality is reality. We are all responsible for our actions based upon a rational and logical approach based on reality.

This concept of responsibility makes it possible to move forwards, as we are not only realistically logical in our approach towards our business practices, we are also working towards achieving what we see as a vision of what possibilities could exist if we responsibly assist the individual.

This model of business helps build strength among us who are working together and definitely helps build integrity. Our growth as a business is dependent upon our inner abilities to take on our responsibilities as individuals who are working together.

The changes that we are seeing out there, thanks to the internet is still all new. Nobody can claim to ‘know’ where it is leading, as the long term future is ‘unknown’. This is a different thing and to make it work, we need to take on the responsibilities of our thoughts and actions. Looking at this reality straight in the eye, it becomes clear that our inner roles are all important and relevant to our overall success in our goals to contribute to the alternatives that are concentrated on the individuality of human beings.