Hive101 is an online directory of all things Hive.

It’s a user friendly website for everyone who is looking for something on Hive and for those who have something to list as far as the Hive ecosystem goes.

Social Media UI’s

All User Interfaces (UI) / “websites” that offer a social media or social networking type of experience, that utilize Hive.

Like for example: PeakD.com , Hive.blog etc.


Game/Gaming apps that utilize Hive.

Phone Apps

Android or IOS apps that utilize Hive.

Info Websites

Websites dedicated to providing informational and/or educational resources about Hive.

i.e. hive101.info, hive.wiki etc.


Apps that are of a financial nature and that are hooked up to Hive.

i.e. Wallets, HiveTips etc.


Cryptocurrency exchanges that list HIVE and/or HBD.


Communities that are orientated around Hive.

i.e. PAL, The Alliance, The Veterans (Hive) Community, Stackers on Hive etc etc etc.


Formal/Registered Companies from around the world that utilize Hive.


For the time being, this category is for all those that do not necessarily fall under any of the above listed categories, yet are a part of the Hive ecosystem in one way, shape, form or “other”.


If you are buying or selling anything and are accepting HIVE or HBD in return for your product or service, then this could be an interesting feature for you.

For the time being, while this service is in “Beta” all classifieds adds will be listed on the one page. However, if things grow, then so too shall this service be expanded upon to meet those requirements.

Hive Coders
are listed

& You can put a listing up to “Hire a Coder”

This service is provided as a place for anyone with an idea that involves Hive to place a listing/add looking for a coder.

Basically, if you need the services of a coder, for a Hive related project, then this is the right place for you.

Quite simply:
There are many people with ideas and a budget out there.

There are many talented coders in the Hive community who can help make those ideas come to life.

The rest is up to and between the interested parties to take care of.

Guess this service could be a form of “Public Job Board” for people to ‘pin’ their adds on.


Quite frankly, Hive101.info is built on WordPress.


Well, with over 75 million websites using WordPress it is hard to imagine that anyone on the internet isn’t familiar with at least a few sites that utilize it.

Hive101.info wishes to make life as “User Friendly” as possible. One of the key factors to making any site user friendly, is familiarity with the way a site works.

This isn’t to say that any innovative new site with its own unique or partially unique code and scripts is any less user friendly. What the point of Hive101.info is to ensure that everyone on the internet looking for anything about Hive can come to a site that they immediately feel comfortable with.

Rather than spending time on figuring things out about how the site works, the individual can immediately after a few clicks know exactly what they are doing and how to utilize the site.

Hence, with this one feature alone, that is 50% of the mission accomplished by Hive101.info.

User experience is very important to us all, in particular for the vast majority of the current 4.5 Billion people on the internet who are not programmers, coders, engineers etc.

The FAQ & INFO section for AltYes is currently under construction.