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The name says it all = Tipping with HIVE.

However, not only on UI’s that are integrating Hive, but instead, all over the internet!

Is the idea of making HIVE mainstream possible?

HiveTips has proven that it is possible!

Hive is ALIVE!


HiveTips is an extension that is available on Chrome, Chromium, Brave and Firefox.

It enables anyone to give tips in HIVE to people on the following platforms:

  • Twitter
  • Youtube
  • Gmail
  • Hive.blog
  • PeakD.com

HiveTips also makes it possible to tip people with a Hive account for anything on the internet via ‘Direct Tipping’.

The project goal is to expand Hive all over the internet.

Literally making the dream of tokenizing the internet with HIVE come to life.

Tipping as a means of sharing rewards has been a normal means of rewarding others since the dawn of trade. Gratuities/Tipping are very personal and a true to life sincere gesture of appreciation. In fact it was one of the very first real life use cases of Bitcoin (BTC). 

What The Crypto Media Thinks & Says about Tipping with Crypto?

There have been numerous articles written about the potential of tipping:

“The ‘tip’ of the iceberg”

”While cryptocurrency still looks for a place to achieve scale and mainstream adoption tipping could be the one area that it can take a foothold. It has been neglected by centralised services and is by no means a monopoly at this point.”

”I think that the growing need for independent, unbiased content and the tipping trend can be combined with cryptocurrency and could be the springboard the sector never wanted but needs to become a viable mainstream trading medium.”

Source: Hackernoon

Will digital tipping become cryptocurrencies first real-world use case?

“If micropayments do catch on, it will probably develop from online tipping. Some of that already exists, but it’s sparse and uncoordinated.”

Source: Coindesk

The Tipping Point of Bitcoin Micropayments

Online tipping statistics are now being accumulated and followed, as the numbers and frequencies of tips rise:

i.e. Average single amount of tips given by teenagers when watching live streaming contents in China as of 3rd quarter of 2019, by price level

by @lightproject

Technical Intro

HiveTips has been developed to avoid Single Point of Failure (SPOF) under an agile Feature Driven Development (FDD) framework. The project is composed of different blocks which make possible tipping on several social media platforms. Each HiveTips module runs independently. By adopting a modular approach, in case a service goes down due to a technical issue, the continuity of the rest of the services will be guaranteed.

  • Collection is a subdivision of a non-relational database.

The transactional “source of truth” will always be the blockchain. There is no middle data manipulation. HiveTips ultimate source of transactional data is the HIVE blockchain ledger.

Note: Databases might be used in order to improve read performance.


Menu Features

Provides the user a general overview of his social media linked accounts in hivetips.


Preferred Tip Amount: handy configuration feature that sets a predefined tip amount in all different compatible platforms.

Allow Notifications? Enables/disables incoming Tips browser notifications

Change rpc node: lets the user decide the hive rpc node

Slider settings: enables setting the bar upper and lower limits


Service dialog popup takes the form of a web carousel where credentials are to be provided.

Direct Tip

User interface for Direct Tipping compatible for peakd and hive.blog.

Gmail Tip

User interface for gmail tipping including tip recipient gmail account input field.

Development Principles

  • Modularity in design: Each social media implementation is a separated repository.
  • Modularity in operations: Each social media implementation runs on a dedicated server.
  • Privacy responsible: user authentication tokens are only stored encrypted in the database.
  • Quality by Design (QbD): Customer-focused optimization.
  • Blockchain driven: the App considers the blockchain as the “single source of truth (SSOT)”

Quality Assurance

Following measures have been undertaken in order to prevent mistakes and defects while developing or updating existing software:


A code quality tool, identifies and report on patterns found JavaScript code.

  • Software: ESlint
  • Patterns style and rules: Airbnb
GIT version control good practises
  • Clean, single-purpose commits
  • meaningful commit messages
  • Commit early, commit often
Staging environment

A staging environment (stage) is a nearly exact replica of a production environment for software testing. Staging environments are made to test codes, builds, and updates to ensure quality under a production-like environment before application deployment.


Quality Control

Testing environment

A testing environment is a setup of software and hardware for the testing teams to execute test cases.

Technological stack

  • Backend: nodejs
  • Frontend Framework: vuejs
  • Database: mongodb
  • DB modelling engine: mongoose

Periodic activities & Service maintenance

HiveTips will perform a daily refunding round (at a fixed time). Each unclaimed tip older than 30 days will be sent back to the tipper.


The best thing about HiveTips is that it promotes the idea of ‘tokenizing the internet’. It also encompasses the fundamental need for networking. No ‘exclusivity’, but real, down to the core, interconnecting platforms and the people on those platforms. So not only does HiveTips fulfill all the criteria of decentralization, it also fulfills the criteria of decentralization. Let’s take a look at the platforms that HiveTips is currently helping make greater with Hive (and HIVE):

  • Twitter
  • Youtube
  • Gmail
  • Hive.blog
  • PeakD.com


There are also ‘Direct Tips’ available. Hang on, what does that mean? HiveTips is helping to open peoples’ eyes to the potential that Hive has to offer with its ‘Fast & Free’ transactions. Being able to tip a person with a Hive account, for anything on the internet, is an added bonus. HiveTips is FREE, in that there is no skimming off of the top of any transactions. It is 100% in line with the idea that sets Hive apart from many, if not most of the ecosystems out there in the world of cryptocurrencies.


The goals do not stop there, now that we have HiveTips working on the above listed platforms, the plan is to expand it all over the internet. On gaming sites & platforms, other social networks in fact, anywhere where people hang out and contribute with their content. Which potentially is unlimited as the diversity of offers on the internet keeps growing daily.

The sky is the limit.


In order to list the benefits and potential benefits, we’re going to first address the current ways one can use their HIVE. Currently, on the open market, there are 370 million +/- HIVE coins for which people have a very limited use for. Those would include primarily:

  • Trading on crypto exchanges.
  • Staking on Hive to increase your holdings in various ways.
  • Participating in games and other activities within the ecosystem.
  • Purchasing merchandise via communities like #weedcash and #hivehustlers.

There are other use cases for HIVE, but all are limited to a specific site within one niche. HIVE is still far from having a diverse range of uses on the open market, neither online nor in the real life business world. It is clear to everyone, that for any cryptocurrency that wishes to diversify its list of investors, owners and users, that there must be legitimate reasons for them to make such a decision.

Some influencing factors for a person to choose HIVE over other cryptocurrencies are:

  • Fast and Feeless (aka Fast and ‘FREE’) transactions.
  • Decentralized and resistant to manipulation by a founding company.
  • Use cases. (Where all they can use their HIVE).

Hive already has the money saving side of things covered, and much better than most of our competing blockchains out there. Transactions are not only fast – a mere three seconds – which is real time. But also, feeless. You would hard-pressed to find another blockchain that offers this. Together, we are ‘Fast and Free’!

It is the use case scenarios where HiveTips is required all over the internet. No, not just in niche spaces, but all over the internet. Where there are people in the services markets, there is a potential need for rewarding those people via tips. Which brings us to the benefits HiveTips has to offer to Hive in the segment of outreach.

Outreach Opportunity

This opportunity is a staggering number. We have the potential to reach over 30% of people on the internet – with just the current platforms – that HiveTips covers. With every new platform or website added, that number grows. The larger the number of people who see HIVE being predominantly utilized on various sites, the larger the potential that they shall one day too choose to see what Hive is all about. That is an opportunity that anyone reading this now, is glad they capitalized on. Here are some of the statistics of just how many people use some of these sites and platforms:

This is why marketing this use case is extremely important. The crypto scene is very competitive and without investing into it, we will get overshadowed by those with deeper pockets even though we have an innovative blockchain and exceptional community. Reaching out to people, having them become familiar with the services out there in the particular niches that they are interested in, is a process that takes a lot of work and investment. Marketing and advertising campaigns are an extremely important part of that process. With this, comes the following benefits that the proposal covers:

  • Diversification of ownership for our native cryptocurrency – HIVE (more investors!)
  • Active use of Hive and monetization of various platforms all over the internet, used by millions of people all over the world.
  • Potential enhancement of onboarding efforts by spreading investment with HIVE all over the internet.
    mobile apps.

One of the great things about HiveTips is the way it is set up to work giving the following added benefits to people who receive HIVE via HiveTips:

  • People who do not own any HIVE will have a thirty day window to claim their HIVE by opening an account on Hive.
  • Upon creating their new account, they instantly become a part of Hive with their own HIVE.
  • Adding that thirty day grace period to collect, means a lot in ensuring that people have a reasonable time frame in which to open up a Hive account and collect their tips.

Benefits of HiveTips:

HiveTips aims to be a major factor in the expansion and adoption of Hive across the web as all of the above listed will increase exponentially. The current number of people on the internet is over 4.5 billion and that number will only grow and HiveTips is a great vehicle to reach this audience. HiveTips is solely dedicated to giving a well known and utilized use case ‘Fast and FREE’ in which the 370 million HIVE out there can be put to good use. Unlike many other ventures that came before, HiveTips doesn’t rely on upvoting or otherwise extracting rewards from the rewards layer. Instead, HiveTips champions investment. HiveTips users freely give their HIVE to others while tipping. It is investors creating investors.

By providing use cases, we will build a demand for HIVE. Tipping is not new, but tipping without any middleman taking a cut off the top is definitely not something that anyone is used to online. Thanks to Hive, that is now available via HiveTips. This alone is one of the best advertisements for Hive and what Hive has to offer the world. Tipping has become so important as a means of income, that online tipping statistics are now being accumulated and recognized. We can safely state, that as the number of use cases increase for HIVE, the demand will rise with it.


Hive Patron is a blockchain based service on HiveTips that makes it easy and safe for creators to get rewarded for their hard work.


It was inspired by other similar services that are fiat only and centralised.

Yes, it is totally free of charge. In other words, we do not take any fee from your usage. Every penny that goes through your patronage ends up in the beneficiary.

Accordion Content

Yes, HivePatron is decentralized, which means that what you do with your money is totally up to you. 

For creators, Hive Patron is a way to get rewarded for creating the things you’re already creating (webcomics, videos, songs, blogs etc). Fans can send a few bucks worth of HIVE (cryptocurrency) per month, and then you get those funds in your wallet/account automatically every month,

For patrons, HivePatron is a way to join your favorite creator’s community and reward them for making the things you love/enjoy. 

All payments are automated to once monthly transfers, directly from your Hive account to the creators Hive account. 

You are literally creating your own coded contract which is totally independent of any third party. Yes, that is right. You create the contract and the rest is all ledgerred on the blockchain.


Active contracts will always display a “trash” icon on the right side of each row in the “my Patron Contracts” list.

Yes you can. By clicking on the “Ref” button on “my Patron Contracts” list, a redirection to hiveblocks.com blockchain explorer will take place. There you will have the chance to take a look at a secondary source of information regarding the nature of the contract operation.


Special operations called “custom_json” are signed in the blockchain representing a contract between the Patron (supporter) and the beneficiary. These operations serve as references which additionally provide the follow benefits:


  • Public immutable data
  • Non-ephemeral storage


Thanks to the signed references in the blockchain, the wallet can now without 3rd party support scan the blockchain autonomously and determine what contracts are due.


Additionally, the token transferring takes place in your own wallet without any central server doing it for you. 

Yes, it is. The client (your HiveTips extension) relies uniquely on the blockchain and own resources for the Patron service utilisation.

Nope. HiveTips version 0.5.2 and above already brings all the necessary updates for you.

HiveTips is a revolutionary way to reward your favorite and deserving users on the internet with ‘tips’!

Wait, do you mean just like on the more commonly known websites utilizing Hive? NO.

HiveTips enables “Tipping”.

However, you can surely use it to tip anyone on just about anywhere on the internet.

Our first goal though, is to embrace the budding cryptocurrency community that is emerging on Twitter, Youtube and other websites where people are putting in a lot of effort.


Potential of HiveTips, READ THE FULL ARTICLE HERE.

A Firefox & Chrome extension that enables you to reward via tipping on social media platforms and websites, with HIVE tokens.

The extension injects a tipping button into the following social media sites: Twitter, Youtube, hive.blog and gmail.
It also accommodates for direct tipping for all other websites without a button, but rather with manual transfers, which can all be done in an easy user friendly way via the extension.

The extension also enables people to utilize the browser as a safely encrypted decentralized means of communications with Hive. Hence cutting out the need to log into various websites for various transactions.

In short “HiveTips” is a a user friendly way to reward different social media posts with HIVE with minimal impact on the original UX.

For more information about Hive, go to: https://hive.io/


When Bitcoin came out and gained more attention, one of the use cases presented was “micropayments” for the posts on various social media platforms that the crypto enthusiasts were active on.

Since then we have seen numerous services offering such services, most commonly called “Tipping bots” (or something to that effect).

The biggest drawback with many of the services are the fees associated with transfers. This was one of the most common reasons why most of these tipping services closed down. Their popularity was not an issue, in fact it contributed to the closing of the services.

Hive has an ecosystem in which transfers are fast and “free”.

Hive also has a very user friendly wallet address system (account names instead of long strings of non-readable addresses)

It is exactly this that sets Hive Tips apart from the tipping services from the past.

Although there are other tipping services out on the market and they all pretty much work along the same lines. With some slight variations.

First you create an account on the cryptocurrencies native blockchain.

You fund your wallet with those tokens. In most cases you need to either exchange fiat or other cryptocurrencies, or mine the native tokens in order to attain them.

Then install the tipping code, so as to be able to tip on the supported social networks.

Usually you have to write in a line of code in a comment on a post, then the recipient has to type in some code in a separate comment and let’s just say that the rest is pretty much self explanatory.

Hive Tips has reviewed all these services and seen that they are all serving a purpose in the social media scene and in the crypto scene. However, what they all seem to lack is HIVE.

The cryptocurrency that offers free transactions on Hive, its native blockchain.

Can’t beat free!

In the true essence of decentralization, Hive Tips is a browser extension, so your personal computer is where all the work is done.

To further ensure security of transactions, Hive Tips utilizes Key Chain, an existing proven to be safe and reliable application for all your transfers. Again, an application whose user interface is accessible via an icon located in the same place where your Hive Tips icon is on your browser.

But don’t stress, the Key Chain windows open automatically, so you don’t have to click here there and everywhere. It is all done for you.

Attestation of accounts is done via a simple and safe confirmation of Hive account name by the person receiving the tip. For example on Twitter it is simply by typing in your Hive  user name.

To summarize:

  • FREE Transactions
  • Simple attestation
  • User Friendly Interface  i.e: Twitter tip button does not distort your Twitter UI
  • Easy and instant installation

That is what Hive Tips has to offer to crypto enthusiast looking to reward people and their content all over the internet.


  1. Tokenize the internet with a reliable user friendly tipping service
  2. Comply with the fundamental concept of decentralization by giving as much freedom of choice and control to the users as is feasibly possible.
  3. Market Hive with the public tipping on various social platforms.
  4. Promote onboarding to Hive via spreading the wealth with tips.


  • Browser Extension
  • Manifest.json version 2. Internationalisation protocol i18n with current support for english and spanish languages. The chrome extension permissions are the following: storage, tabs and activetab.
  • Hive-keychain extension
  • Hivetips extension will rely on hive-keychain extension for operations broadcasting. Therefore, hive-keychain is a fundamental prerequisite.
  • Hive account

Any hive account (pre or post HIVE fork) is compatible with hivetips. For tip recipients who still do not own a hive account, proper guidance is provided about new account creation in the tip message confirmation.

Accounts on the relevant social media platforms (when necessary)

When it comes to hivetips activation, no further action is expected on the relevant social media account end.

Tip claim attestation is however, the only process which demands an action on the social media account end.


1. Twitter and a general tipping/transfer option for other content.

Stage 1 is concentrated on Twitter as many people with Hive accounts are active on Twitter.

Alongside this, there is a general “Tipping” option that utilizes the free transfers on Hive, so anyone with a Hive account can tip anyone else for something online with a simple click instead of having to open up a wallet and go through all the motions.

Hence utilizing the existing code in a way that serves another purpose.

2. Youtube & Emails

Stage 2 is to expand to Youtube and emails.

Yes, this is already in the works and should be well accepted by the community as we have many people in our Hive communities that watch Youtube and likewise there is ample reason for people to tip those creators if they so please.

As for the emails, this may sound a little intrusive, however, we all do have friends and those we know out there and maybe a transfer via email is something that some would prefer. Again, it is an added option that shall be there for those who wish to use it.

3. Other Social Media Platforms

The goal is to expand to other social media platforms as is requested by the community, however this may be done in phases dependent on other factors. Wish lists are one things, but reality is not always as simple as writing down a list of wishes.


@guiltyparties – Development Lead

@jackmiller – Coordinator

@enginewitty – PR and Marketing Manager

@inthenow – Chief Visual & GraphicArtist


@lightproject – Lead Developer

Financial Goals

This is a non profit venture. The Goal is to contribute to making Hive great and by doing so all of our crypto on Hive has more opportunities of seeing the demand for it to rise.

Three of the above names team members are Witnesses on Hive and as such see the need to lead by example. Those in the team that are not witnesses are also leading by their example and equally contributing to the success of each and every project that FULLALT puts out on the market.

Although all our projects to date have not included any costs to the users, they are coming at a cost to us. Yet, we truly believe that in the long run if we all pitch in to make Hive everything it possibly can be, all this invested effort and funding will be rewarding for everyone on Hive, including us.

We plan on delivering more as time goes on. There is no reason to stop here with what we have done to date.

If you like what you see, then we know we are on the right track in our efforts to make Hive everything it can possibly be for all peoples of this world.

Maybe on some other project we may have some fees for using the services, but til then, let’s just make the most of what we have achieved to date and use these tools/apps in promoting and expanding Hive to the entire world.


We consider our efforts to be important within and for the Hive ecosystem as what we are doing is for the community, for our blockchain and the native crypto on our chain, namely HIVE & HBD.

With Hive Tips we have made it possible to tokenize the web with HIVE and to promote Hive the best way possible, by rewarding those who deserve it with HIVE. No matter where that may be on the world wide web aka “internet”. Which was and is the dream.

Hive is ALIVE!

You can download this document in PDF format below:

Hive Tips Whitepaper

The FAQ & INFO section is currently under construction.