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HiveTips is a revolutionary way to reward your favorite and deserving users on the internet with ‘tips’!

Wait, do you mean just like on the more commonly known websites utilizing Hive? NO.

HiveTips enables “Tipping”.

However, you can surely use it to tip anyone on just about anywhere on the internet.

Our first goal though, is to embrace the budding cryptocurrency community that is emerging on Twitter, Youtube and other websites where people are putting in a lot of effort.


A Firefox & Chrome extension that enables you to reward via tipping on social media platforms and websites, with HIVE tokens.

The extension injects a tipping button into the following social media sites: Twitter, Youtube, hive.blog and gmail.
It also accommodates for direct tipping for all other websites without a button, but rather with manual transfers, which can all be done in an easy user friendly way via the extension.

The extension also enables people to utilize the browser as a safely encrypted decentralized means of communications with Hive. Hence cutting out the need to log into various websites for various transactions.

In short “HiveTips” is a a user friendly way to reward different social media posts with HIVE with minimal impact on the original UX.

For more information about Hive, go to: https://hive.io/

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