Overview of Issues


All of the efforts for decentralization end up adding to the further deep end of centralization.

Each and every individual needs to be independent as far as life is concerned. There are so many issues with the centralization of information, wealth and management that miles of texts have been written on the topics. Yet, we never seem to see the tools necessary being put out there.

‘Fear of loss’, instead of ‘wealth through sharing’, this seems to be what fuels the results we have seen to date in all the efforts to decentralize our dependencies.


We need an approach that shall ensure that blockchain technology, including but not limited to the ones already firmly in existence and utilised daily are made available to one and all. Likewise this approach must ensure that the potential wealth can be shared amongst one and all and not just a “chosen few”.

User friendliness:

Bringing the internet to blockchain, namely, making it easy to tokenize your experiences and input.

Making possible what to date has only been “talked about”.

Example: Wikipedia.
Why make a new one? Tokenize the existing one, without changing Wikipedia, simply make the option available to one and all.

Promoting the individuality of all people and their rights to express themselves as such.


How do we go about fixing all or some of the above listed items?

To basically cut a long story short and to sum it all up.

The broadest goal of this endeavour is: Unification instead of division among people who use the internet and who want a better life for everyone on this planet.