Founders Preface

Blockchain technology has brought about the potential to decentralize and diversify everything we do online.

More so, it has opened up the doors to alternatives which were never imaginable before, such as digital tokens or digital currencies.

Over the past decade we have seen many ideas thrown around and tried out via tokenization. Testing the thought patterns of many and likewise trying to expand the boundaries and borders imposed and sometimes accepted by us.

As with anything, complacency tends to kill the explorer in us. As creatures of habit, we tend to get ‘comfortable’ with certain ideas and methodologies, thus slowing down our expansion into the ‘unknown’. An almost self-inflicted retardation of evolution.

As the old saying goes “Think out of the box”, there has to be those among us who tackle the obstacles and try to overcome and beat the ‘norms’ achieved to date. Otherwise there would never be any progress. It is this that inspires many of us out there to go out of our comfort zones and try to achieve and create what many fear, to go above and beyond what we currently have and know.

Many times we have what it takes, all the options are actually right in front of us. All it takes is putting the pieces of the puzzle together so that the grand picture can be seen and enjoyed by all. In order to do this we can’t be complacent, we must go out and make happen what we envision as “being possible”.

So instead of a ‘rinse and repeat’ type of behaviour, we are embarking upon a logical approach to applying the tech that we have to the everyday needs of people.

Instead of sitting back and waiting for options to be put out there by those who love to control everything, it is up to all of us to create the options for humanity to choose from. Each and every human as the unique individuals we all are. Respecting each other as equals and ensuring that we all be given as many opportunities in life that we are willing to take on.


Founders Intro/Preface

Do we have the tools to access all the alternatives that are out there to choose from?

We are living in very confusing times. There has never been more information & disinformation available to everyone. The overflow of information and its counterpart, is something that we all need to deal with. Our goals should be to learn how to use all this new access all this information for good and not abuse.

Sure, there will always be those who only look after themselves. People who literally do not care about others and abuse all this information. Those types of people have always been around, that is a fact of life that needs to be known and we should all be kept aware of. It is easy to forget what all evils lay out there. However, if we try to do good, if we give it everything we have to make the world a better place, deep down inside I believe that we can succeed. I dare say that I know it.

Technology hasn’t stopped at ‘information flow’. We are living in a time when we can be at almost any part of this world in less than 24 hours. WOW. What a time. What used to be a ‘one way trip’ for most people up to the 1980’s hass now become a norm. So our logistics has come to a point where we can have anything from anywhere, or be anywhere within an almost irrelevant time span. So, the overwhelming speed at which technology has expanded has given us solutions to logistical issues that are being made available to almost anyone who needs them. Another problem solved and which can be utilized for the good of mankind.

Let’s think of it this way, we can all get in touch with almost anyone out there, thanks to the internet and other communication devices. We are living in a time where people are living in almost all corners of this earth. There is practically no reason for anything that is available to one human, that it can’t be available to anyone anywhere else on this planet.

How far has technology gone?

We have cases of governments literally using face recognition on every corner of any street. We have ideas of cashless societies, in which there will be absolutely no privacy for anyone in any way, manner or form. We have scientists messing with all sorts of things. Our technology has gotten to a point where humans are literally mixing DNA from different animals and E.coli bacteria/faeces to produce what many believe to be impossible in mother natures way of things. Seeds for our every day plants and foods are being messed around with at a level of ‘genetic engineering’ which most of us can’t fathom, or don’t want to accept. Things are definitely changing at light speed in these areas of technology and our options, our choices, our alternatives are being reduced instead of multiplied. Yes, the exact opposite of what should be happening is actually happening. We have less and less alternatives in life. Yet, even with technology being able to do practically anything any person could imagine, our options are being funnelled. We can all contribute to making the options that are possible, available to one and all on this earth.

The point is, that there is almost no end to how far the tech is going and we as human beings are almost being forced into becoming the ‘guinea pigs’ of this world wide laboratory that we see being created right in front of our very own eyes. Yet we have the technologies available to us and we can all choose to use them in ways that add alternatives to all mankind. It is our choice.

We are living in a day and age in which language barriers are no longer a barrier. Thanks to simple tools such as online translators people can communicate with each other without knowing each others languages.

So our options in life should be so wide and diverse that we should be able to have such a wide scope of choices that keep growing by the minute.

Our alternatives in life should be what some would dare say “unlimited”.

Maybe this is what drives me as the owner and creator of this business initiative. It is clear that we can make life better and one of the keys to making that happen is to ensure that people all over the world are given the ability to choose alternatives available. Something that many of us feel is not happening in the mainstream of things.

Transparency and decentralization are what is needed all over the spectre. That is the one and only conclusion that I can derive from all of the above. The tech is out there, the means to apply the tech by our own choice are obviously still lacking.

So it is something that many of us need to take on as a challenge. To help make available what needs to be available to everyone. Everything from tools for better communications and data handling all the way through to crypto tokens/currencies and even tools that can be used for every day real life applications which are not in any direct way dependent on the internet.

There are many out there who believe that they have solutions, but they lack the tools to make their ideas come to life.

Our goal as a company is to tackle these needs for the tools which can eventually help expand the alternatives and choices available to people all over this world.