If you have gotten this far you may be wondering: What is FULLALT all about?


In the world of online technology there is so much out there yet much of it is centralized or controlled by a central authority.


One of our goals is to try and make all our products and services as decentralized as possible or done in a way that assists in the further decentralization of the internet.


Your privacy and independence are things that we believe are very important. 


Helping monetize the internet:


One of the opportunities that we are promoting is the ability for you the person sitting behind a computer to make good on what most people call crypto currencies, or digital currencies, i.e. Bitcoin, Etherium, Hive and the list goes on.


When Bitcoin was created, it opened up a whole new world of innovation and economical proportions. Although some cryptocurrencies are in high demand on the markets and ‘cost’ a lot more, many have limitations, dependent on the technology and code that they operate on. 


Hive is much more affordable at the moment and has a lot to offer to people on the internet.


For example:


Transactions in under three seconds. 

Proven to handle more transactions than what VISA handles in a day.

What is most enticing are the “FREE TRANSACTIONS”.


There are no fees per transactions when transferring HIVE or the other crypto currency on the Hive blockchain, “HIVE BACKED DOLLAR (HBD)”

These are the key reasons for us utilizing Hive in most/all of our products and services.


Although we may not be limited to Hive, the fact of the matter is Hive is by far the best choice for the tools and applications that we are building.


User experience and reliability are very important and Hive covers both of those needs.

If you would like to get some more information, feel free to look over our “FAQ” section.

As our projects get released they will be added to the list below. Check them out:

AltYes - Social Media Sharing and Posting. Browser Extension & Phone App.
AltYes - Phone app for Android.Quick & Easy posting to Hive!
Hive Tips - Best way to market Hive is to tip people all over the internet with HIVE. Hive Tips. Hive is ALIVE!