The Team

FULLALT - The Team

The team is comprised of:

Jack Miller – Founder & Coordinator

Guiltyparties – Consulting & Development Lead

Inthenow – Chief Visual & Graphic Artist

Founder & Coordinator


Jack Miller


Applying what has been learned through life to life is the name of the game.

Each person has talents and know-how, getting each unique individuals skill set to be put to good use is how I envision this venture moving forwards.


As for the rest of this short intro, well, here is what I refer to as my little prayer, that I say to myself every morning:

“Yesterday is in the past, it is what I do today that matters.”


Not much more that I can really say except that we aim to look towards the future, tackling things one project at a time.




Twitter @JackMillerOZ

Website: jackmiller.info


Consulting & Development Lead


GuiltyParties is a Graphene blockchain strategy and development team. The team is headed by a former developer and decentralized venture builder that has over 20 years experience in organisation and leadership. Within the Steem ecosystem the GuiltyParties team also operates the @guiltyparties witness and serves the technical needs of a variety of projects including Spaminator and BRO Sports and Gaming family of applications.

The core values of the GuiltyParties team lie with the promotion of decentralized technology and the freedom of speech.


Over the span of nearly two decades, GuiltyParties has uniformly stayed true to these values and will continue to support them for the decades to come.






Chief Visual & Graphic Artist


Musician, Producer, Graphic Artist & Marketer, Blogger on Steemit.



Friends Helping Us Along The Way

Marketing & PR

Enginewitty is a funny thing. It’s like this witty little engine that just keeps moving forward. He thinks he can, he thinks he can, he thinks he can. Bit of think tank that one. He knows he can, he knows he can, he knows he can. Might even have a solid foundation for motivation. He did! He did! He did! It helps to always be planning alternatives outside of the proverbial box.

‘Witty’ is a father of nine children and has a heavy background in management and marketing – both on and offline. He was one of the first people to test out the Yahoo IM (instant messenger) and, an early miner of Bitcoin – when it was still possible with just a CPU. Combining all the knowledge he has amassed, it was only natural to come on board with FullAlt and help spread crypto across the globe.

VOTE FOR Hive WITNESS @enginewitty



Snook is the helping hand needed along the way to help keep our sanity!

& She is of great help in communications within the company activities and both with the world out there on the internet!


AltYes – Key Developer


HiveTips – Key Developer