Get A Hive Account


Looking for ways to register a Hive account?


Well, look no further, there are many services online that offer Hive accounts.

Some are free, others cost some money.

Free ones may sometimes take a few days to process, while the ones that charge a fee usually tend to offer an instant service.

We here at FULLALT do not offer a sign up service for Hive, this website is more of an “info portal” as we like to refer to it sometimes.

Below we will list links with screenshots of the sites where you can find all the services that are available.

Teamwork at its best.


Simply click on the image/screenshot of the page shown and it will take you right there.

For now, we have the following sites listed:









As we are made aware of new services out there, we will add them to this page, with screenshots, so that you can see in advance what the site looks like.

Hope to see you soon!


Hive is ALIVE!