When we talk the talk, we also need to walk the walk!


Decentralization has been the goal of so many endeavours out there, yet we have all seen how too many of these endeavours seem to become more centralized in nature as things move on.


One form of decentralization that has worked, is the utilization of blockchain technology.


In so much that the data is immutably stored on multiple data storage units, usually all over the world.


The only current centralization issue with blockchain technology is the use of the world wide web “www“ aka “internet“. It is not “independent” as it is “dependent” on “the internet” as such.


Keeping that in mind and understanding that it is only a matter of time until solutions are developed to further enhance the decentralization of data storage and communications, it is clear that we need to be proactive and not reactive.


Our goals shall be set and expanded upon in a way so as to keep this in mind when taking on new challenges.


There are so many opportunities to be a part of the decentralization process and this is our contribution to the brave new world of decentralization.



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